Apple reveals another upgradation for its users ” The all new IOS 11″  with most of the secrets are hidden. Now we try to explore all its feature so that you can experience it.

Screen Control

Screenshots and Edits : Instead of diving back into your camera roll first, Now the option of markup and re-crop will now appear immediately once the screenshot is taken.

Screen Recording : Another feature add to its value. Now you can start recording the screen with or without audio. A particularly great feature for instructional videos and tech support.

Drag and Drop

Multi App Dragging : You are a quick organization then this may help you. Now you can select the multiple application at one time and drag them to new folder or file together.


Siri Translation : Siri now supports spoken translation like Google Assistant. Simply ask “How to say [language] in [different language] and you will get a spoken and written answer. English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish are initially supported.

Type to Siri : You really did’nt like to talk to your virtual personal assistant. Then Now you can ask your question by typing it. To make that accessible then follow

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Siri -> Type to Siri


One-handed keyboard : iPads have long had this feature, but in iOS 11 iPhone users can hold down the globe keyboard button and a mini keyboard will appear which can be attached to the left or right side of the display.

iPad extra symbols : Hitting the shift key has long brought up alternative symbols and numbers, but now further alternatives can be accessed by pulling down on the shift key.


Flyover Mode : Select the 3D view and then popular and then choose the flyover option. You can easily flyover the city.

One Handed Zoom : A long established feature in Android with Google Maps, now iOS 11 similarly allows you to double tap on Apple Maps and if you keep your finger held to the screen on the second tap swiping up and down will zoom in and out. Useful when on the move.


Additional Privacy : In Settings navigate to Safari and you’ll see a ‘Try to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’ option. This stops ads following you from site to site, it is enabled by default.

Automatic Reader Mode : Long press the Reader button and the options ‘Use on this site’ and ‘Use on all sites’ appear. Select one and the site will always automatically load in Reader mode.

Password Autofill : Saved passwords in Safari can now be (securely) integrated into third party apps, saving you time typing them in. Android 8.0 Oreo also just added this feature.

Flight Status : In IOS 11 flight information is grabbed automatically from your emails and calendar and can be kept   visible in Safari or a Spotlight widget.





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